How 275Individuals who experience certain situations - positive, negative, or routine - are the ones who should be telling that story. EPHAS' methodology gave individuals the ability to do so by offering the tools to be creative.

By running programs in communities around the world, this is what we learned to do effectively and can provide you with the information to do the same:

  • Procure cameras and equipment 
  • Develop a curriculum
  • Select participants
  • Train local instructors
  • Run photography programs
  • Utilize social media to tell individuals' and organizations' stories
  • Raise awareness and funds through the photographs

When the process is approached and implemented with the upmost consideration of the community members' perspectives, not only do you create a consistent and honest representation of reality, but you offer a history and level of self-value that many around the world would never otherwise realize.

Click here for a Sample Instructor Packet including curriculum, social media, photography exercises and more.

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